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    Year 2008

    Alba Mandolin Player Elements - Fire Turtle and Tree Thief of Time Bat Pastilles I Kill My Own Wolves

    Year 2007

    Silverblue of the Roses Orchestra Flautist Fallen Goddess Lamp Omnia Somnia

    Atanone's Glade Eohippus Przewalski's Horse Zebra Wild Ass

    Orchestra Owlet Queen of Heaven The Radio Shell Beach Strange William

    Thomasin Vulture Tow Truck

    Year 2006

    Asagwe of the Boneguard Betta Boy Cherubim Mechanisms of the Fall Sphynx

    Year 2005

    CESTUS Chinese Actor Cobra Familiar Dark Harbringer Happy Halloween

    Menagerie Porcelain Rook at the Opera

    Year 2004


    Year 2003

    12 Thursday Chaos Conqueres All Cult of Ecstasy Sons of Ether Hallelujah

    Mile End Reanimator Rook in the Garret Roon the Swashbuckler Shiny, Shiny Elves