5 surprising reasons of having sex regularly

October 1, 2017
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Experts say, having sex regularly is healthy for your mind, body and soul. Here are 5 reasons of having sex on a regular basis.

Positive effects of sex

  1. Stress buster-When it comes to reducing stress, having sex turns out to be beneficial. According to experts stresses reduces because the pleasure trails of the brain are activated by sex leading to stress reduction.
  2. Good sleep and mood- Sex makes your sleep peaceful, you wake up fresh in the morning. Also it provides relief from stress, your energy level increases leading to happy mood. So, if any time you feel that you want to have good sleep, try doing sex and feel fresh.
  3. Heart health enhances- According to several studies, regular sex keeps your heart healthy and the risk of heart attack get lower as the occurrence of good orgasms in the body gradually increases.
  4. Pain reliever- Suppose you have a headache, try doing highly active sex to help ease any severe pain. According to researchers, the surge of hormones released after an orgasm has the power to alleviate any type of pain such as back pain or body pain.
  5. Glowing skin- If somebody compliments your skin, it is the result of healthy sex, says experts. People involving in active sex atleast four times in a week look younger than their real age. Constant sex stimulates the discharge of hormones (testosterone and estrogen) which keeps the body young and healthy.
  6. Burns Calories- Those of you who want to burn calories, try doing active sex with your partner.Sex is a kind of cardio activity that helps in reducing 85- 250 calories depending on the duration of sex. If at times you have to skip your workout session, just try on sex to minimize the workout loss.

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